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Ever wondered what it would be like to become a Shadowhunter? To walk through the streets of Alicante? To visit the Hunter's Moon in New York? Here at the Academy in Idris, you can learn about Demons, the History of Shadowhunters, Weapons, Fighting, Nephilim Missions and Runes! Maybe you'll turn out to be just as good a Shadowhunter as Jace Herondale or Clary Fairchild. Along the way, you can meet Warlocks, Werewolves, Vampires and all other Downworld Species. Maybe one day, you might even join them?

Select an institute that fits your values; Lightwood, Fairchild, Morgenstern and Herondale are waiting for you. Come find out now and join our wonderful community!

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Unique friendships

Everyone on World of Nephilim has one interest in common: Shadowhunters. Whether it's the tv show, the movie or the books, we all love Cassandra Clare's works. You will immediately get to know other new fellow Shadowhunter fans and will most certainly form lots of unique friendships. Who knows, maybe you'll even find your new best friend at the Soul Ceremony.

Active chat

Enjoy yourself in the chat and write about whatever you desire. What did your Nephilim friends do today and did you hear the latest gossip?


Let your character unfold in the Dining Hall or perhaps have a date at the Hunter's Moon in New York? Everything is possible in topics and is (almost) only limited by your imagination.

Achievements & Levels

Get the most angelic achievements and show them off to your friends. Gain experience and level up and discover new functions on World of Nephilim. The higher your level is, the better a Shadowhunter you are.


Shop in Idris or New York! Are you thirsty? Get yourself some Chamomile Tea at Blackthorn's Bed and Breakfast. Or how about showing off your sense of fashion with new clothes from Magnus Bane's Clothes?


Learn Latin and study Runes, or submit a beautiful painting you've created at The Arts class. You can enroll in more than 10 different classes.


If you have any questions or request, please contact us at this email: wox@eye4web.dk