The Morgenstern Institute: A Star is born
First of four blogs about the different institutes at the academy

- From : Sarah Jaymes

Erchomai! I am coming!


The Morgentern institute, better known as the Stars, is where the most mischievous and daring reside. If you're into pranking and having tons of fun, this is where you belong. Mostly glitter and star obsessed, the people here are big dreamers and are pure examples of the earth's finest pranksters. The family hails from Germany and Switzerland, the name “Morgenstern” finding its roots in the German Language. Morning star is the names direct translation from the German Language and can have many meanings to different people. For example, while to one it might mean the sun, another person may see it as a second chance. The family’s crest is a falling star.


The Morgensterns here are fun loving people who do crazy things and mostly get into trouble through those crazy things. We all like to do things that seem to be out of the blue or different or even just crazy. Maybe that’s why there’s only one living descendant. Clary Fairchild. Meanwhile, everyone else in the institute is just here to learn the ways of Morgensterness. That’s a word now, by the way, and it is the absolute best way to describe us all! The family like craziness and atmosphere is what makes this institute more of a home than an institute.


Some notable people from the Morgenstern family include the following. Roderick and Amalia Morgenstern, a husband and wife. They were headstrong and Roderick was most known for his boring as heck speeches. Both were present at the Accords. Oskar Morgenstern, father to the infamous Valentine Morgenstern, he was the one who shaped Valentine into the warrior he became. Oskar was strict and he was… to say the least… Absolutely nuts. He died in a raid on a werewolf encampment. Seraphina was his wife, who died from a heart attack after Oskar died. Official ruling: Dead from grief. Valentine wanted Clary to be named after Serafina. We all see how well that played out! Valentine was smote… smite..? Smited..? Finally, Jonathan “Sebastian” Morgenstern. He was insane, cold, and heartless. He went against the clave and died at the hands of Clary. (Thank you to the Archive team for the book on the Morgensterns!)


Ambition, high set bars, and overcoming whatever by ANY necessary means mark a Morgenstern more than the pranks and trouble making. But that’s what makes them interesting. All of it rolled together makes an interesting institute. They are what make life at the academy never dull. They are very awesome too.


Personally, I believe the Morgensterns are fun and exciting and they never let a moment pass. They keep everyone on their toes and they are quite the troublemakers. As a Morgensterner myself, I prefer pranks and chaos as my choice of troublemaking. We Morgensterns are some good challenges to the others, but we also make amazing friends. We aren’t all as insane as Valentine or strict like Oskar. The Morgensterness is in all of us, guys. We just have to all learn to embrace it!


Tune in next time for Institute Fairchild!


Veni! I have come!



Written by: Olivia Storm

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Avalanche Agnew

Avalanche Agnew I loved this post!! You've done a great job Olivia!

Valerian Waerheall

Valerian Waerheall Great post!!♥ very lovely

Marty Mapleweather

Marty Mapleweather Lovely post! ❤ well done Olivia! Can't wait to learn more about the other Institutes!

Deanna Lightweaver

Deanna Lightweaver Oh!!! I love this post! And Fairchild??? If you need to know anything about my home, feel free to send me a FM. Great post Olivia!

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