Mateo's Fortune Telling #1: Liberty Jones.
The first card is drawn but what would it mean?!

- From : Mateo Carrington

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Angela Bathory

Angela Bathory Omg, this is amazing! I can't wait to learn about what will happen to me :D

Holly Dewgrove

Holly Dewgrove This is awesome Mateo! I would love to see what the future holds for me :D <3

Ananya Bhatt

Ananya Bhatt This seems amazing! I would definitely love to try it :D

Reagan Swiftcross

Reagan Swiftcross This is so cool!! I would love to find out what's in store for me <3

Marcus Facchinetti

Marcus Facchinetti Oh, this is so cool :O Tarot reading is mysterious but still accurate

Liberty Jones

Liberty Jones Ooooooh niceeeeee, this is very fitting considering I'm in my final year at the academy so I will be moving onto the next step of my life, thank you very much Mateo and the magic of the card <3

Clara White

Clara White Oh wow As an astronomer, I tend to believe in science. But I can't hide the magic with Shadowhunter Blood. So I would also like to know what my future has in store for me.

Rebeca Goldwell

Rebeca Goldwell Ooooh so mysterious! I would love to see what I would get haha! <3

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