What kind of stele would you have?
Find out what kind of stele suits you best!

- From : Sarah Jaymes

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Lilia Doncaster

Lilia Doncaster Graymark stele... time to go stele shopping!!

Londyn Forest

Londyn Forest Blackthorn stele xD

Hanna Blake

Hanna Blake The Starkweather Stele.Should I worry?

Alex Greyheart

Alex Greyheart I got the blackthorn stele! Yeahhh!

Finn Blueweather

Finn Blueweather Branwell!

Francisco Delgado

Francisco Delgado I have the lovelace Stele, yeah :D

Essie Duskhallow

Essie Duskhallow This is awesome! I got the Graymark stele :D

Elison Vamori

Elison Vamori The Lovelace Stele! :O

Emily Tanner

Emily Tanner The Carstairs Stele... which happens to be the one in my Trunk o.O Guess I did well choosing xD

Forsaken user

Forsaken user Graymark XD

Ciara Darkshore

Ciara Darkshore The Branwell Stele :o

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