King For A Day
Wanted to be treated like royalty for once? Do you also love food?! WELL STAND ASIDE FOR THE PANCAKE KINGS AND QUEENS! The SoMe Team is having a fun food-related lottery and you can all be a part of it with a chance to win a nice prize!

- From : Tziporah Zima

After Christmas and New Year, the French have a good tradition. In January, bakeries take on royal colours to welcome the traditional Galette des Rois. It's flaky, sweet and better served when it's hot, straight out of the oven. A tasty treat that can be personalized according to our desires. What better than to personalize it with beans! But what does it mean? Why put a bean in this beautiful pastry? If you have the chance to discover this bean, a tiny charm buried in one of the slices, you are the "king of the day" and you wear a crown of golden paper on your head. It's a 700-year-old French tradition. Traditionally, it was to celebrate Epiphany. However, today the Galette des Rois is intended to be a festive way to celebrate the new year with family or friends.


In order to celebrate the New Year with you, we wondered how we could do it and put a Shadowhunter spin on this celebration. Well, we may not have three French Kings, but the Shadowhunter fandom does have something along those lines! We, firstly, have the Fairy King of the Dark Court, Arawn, who has pale skin that would make Snow White jealous. Then, the famous Lucifer, King of Hell. And finally, to finish this magnificent trio, a woman, the Queen of the Fairies of the Court of Lights.

It is customary for the bean to be one of the Magi here, one of the kings of the Dark Court, the Court of Enlightenment or the Underworld. Thus, we propose a small game. Among these three pancakes kings, there are three beans, each one corresponds to one of the kings. The goal? You must find one of the beans in order to win a gift offered by SoMe Team. You only have one chance and you can only choose one number! Choose your number in comments and we will come back to declare the winners when the three beans are found!




Enjoy it!


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Iris Mecantra

Iris Mecantra This looks super good! 5 for meh:)

Elodie Beaufort

Elodie Beaufort Yum! 15 for me :o

Bernice Riverchild

Bernice Riverchild Ah pies ♡ Number 6 please

Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson 12 Amazing idea

Meadow Walter

Meadow Walter Number 3! Great idea :D

Jaxon Whitewood

Jaxon Whitewood 16

Kaley Haywood

Kaley Haywood 9!! This is rather intriguing

Madeleine Mahelona

Madeleine Mahelona Ooo I love this! Number 18! <3

Aden green

Aden green 8

Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington Number 14! Super nice idea!!!!

Perry Falconley

Perry Falconley Ooh great idea! I pick number 17 *grabs a crown and runs*

Gabriel Blackbriar

Gabriel Blackbriar 13!

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