The RK Archive – June 2021
A monthly article from the Record Keepers team, featuring two amazing winners!

- From : Musa Okusanya

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Liberty Jones

Liberty Jones Awww thank you so much :D most definitely wasn't expecting to see this so thank you :D and Congratulations Cadence <3

Rebeca Goldwell

Rebeca Goldwell Congrats, girls! Really well deserved <3

Cadence Cassidy

Cadence Cassidy Thank you so much! I'm honored! Also congratulations Liberty! <3

Camryn Cassidy

Camryn Cassidy Congrats both!

Madeleine Mahelona

Madeleine Mahelona Congrats!

Angela Bathory

Angela Bathory Congrats girls!

Athena Adamos

Athena Adamos Loved reading it! Congratulations Liberty and Cadence! <3

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