Who Even Are You? - Ember Silver
Ever wanted to get to know our staff a little better? Well now is your chance!

- From : Robyn Bloodrose

Ember Silver
General Information
Ember Ashlynn Silver
Leader of Events
Marital Status
Species Shadowhunter
Rin Fireburn

As the Minions so eloquently put it, BELLO. This week we are shining a light on none other than Ember Silver! Our wonderful Leader of Events! I'm just disappointed there hasn't been a Lamp Worshiping event yet, I'd definitely get on board with that. Anyway, let's proceed with the blog for the Hostess with the Mostest.

Now we all know that Ember enjoys hosting all the parties, protecting lamps (surprised she hasn't founded a lamp farm yet - Old McSilver Had a farm, eeeEEE IIIII EEEE IIII OOOOOO) Why am I saying Old, she's younger than me... Her hostess skills definitely attest to her bright and bubbly nature...if she does get very protective over her lamps. Ember was born and raised in England...but has a very bumpy past...is this the drama I've been looking for?! She may have been raised in what some may think is a 'perfect' family make it raaaaaaain but who wants perfect anyway? (Unless you want me, because let's be honest, I'm as close to perfection as you'll get)

My beady little eyes may have noticed a slight...blip. Ember has a slight Warlock complex...but have my little eyes spied her out for a drink with a Warlock?! *insert dramatic gasp here* Is Hunter curing her Warlock complex?! YOU GO GLEN COCO GREEN.

SoMe love, Sage Bloodrose♡















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Deanna Lightweaver

Deanna Lightweaver EMBY!!! Lovely, well done Sage! But who will be doing yours when it's your turn?

Luca Beaumont

Luca Beaumont Yet another awesome blog post! Love these ♥_♥

Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington Omg I LOVED THIS BLOG!!

Ember Silver

Ember Silver I do quite like the idea of a lamp worshipping event. And a lamp farm. Awesome job Sage!

Marty Mapleweather

Marty Mapleweather Lovely edition again ♥

Rin Fireburn

Rin Fireburn YASSSSS YOU GO GLEN COCO!!! Amazing job Sage this is just beautiful *hearteyes*

Ciara Darkshore

Ciara Darkshore Emberrrr

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