Slaying whilst Slaying - vol. 2
Your style tips to slay whilst slaying.

- From : Vienna Carrington




If you're reading this then the chances are that you want to Slay with your looks as well as your blades, you have come to the right place. Every week we will be discussing the wondrous ideas of how to fit in with certain creatures and even taking tips of how they dress, giving many people at home the impression that they are actually witnessing the creature in their own home! This weeks edition we're going to the classic monster, the pointy pearly white teeth, a craving for the gooey human liquid and an impeccable taste in clothes with a wardrobe older than most of the people in the Academy! This week's lucky Underworlder is the Vampire!

Have you ever been face to face with a vampire and decided to take a deep hard stare at them? If you have then you may have noticed that they always seem to be one step ahead of the fashion game, with their style becoming a hit the week after, well this week we will be attempting to help expose their futuristic fashion world-altering style of clothing!

Look closely, you can tell that many of them are vampires just by the style of clothing they wear, many of them seem to opt for the leather jacket look, complete with dark blue jeans and combat boots. Sound about right? However more and more are seemingly coming onto the idea of fashion to keep themselves in check and out of the eye of the humans. Female vampires coming together to wear more elegant yet dainty looking clothes to fit in with the newer teenagers. Whilst the males are normally seen in their black jeans and button up shirts. In the coming weeks, its almost like they took a portal through time as celebrities begin to flaunt their new looks in the public whilst the vampires look changes.

So you want to know how to stay on top of the game? I think they look at the weather forecast and then adapt their clothes to fit in with the weather whether that be hot or rainy, so let's give you a couple of tips! Looking through your wardrobe and thinking that shirt from last year is so out? Think again, instead of throwing it output it on under a dark grey hoodie and a pair of jeans (not ones with holes in if they still exist) just think its a casual outfit but is saying that you don't care about the weather you're prepared to look your best!

Okay so maybe hoodies and last years shirts aren't your thing, we have something for you too! A white or black button up shirt, leave the top button undone (or top two if you're feeling adventurous) a light black blazer, making sure the sleeves are rolled up to your elbows and a pair of dark jeans and you're good to go. Give the mirror a little twirl and your best Tom Cruise smile and work it like a vampire!



Catch you on the flip side!


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Avalon Deahmon

Avalon Deahmon I do dress pretty well... awesome article!

Esmeralda Morningheart

Esmeralda Morningheart I live in my leather jacket! xD nice one Kalista!

Charles Dillinger

Charles Dillinger This is amazing! Good job!

Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington This is awesome Kalista! Nice work love :D

Dominik Rosenfeld

Dominik Rosenfeld Omg, I can finally dress as awesome as a vampire! Thank you Kalista, you rock! :D

Erik Davidson

Erik Davidson This was actually pretty informative to read! It was awesome! :D

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