The Ultimate Guide to: Relations
Since WoN is a text-based RPG site what is it like to topic, but it’s always more fun to topic with people that your character has a relation with, but how do you make relations.

- From : Vienna Carrington

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Deanna Lightweaver

Deanna Lightweaver Rhis is so useful! Well done Felix

Cole Mahelona

Cole Mahelona Brilliant! This is extraordinary, has a lot of useful information! :D

Madeleine Mahelona

Madeleine Mahelona ooo great work Felix! <3

Aiden Everheart

Aiden Everheart I do advise to just try it out, using these wonderful tips! Relations are awesome :D

Marty Mapleweather

Marty Mapleweather This is such a helpful Blog! Very well done Felix! :D

Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington Such amazing tips! Nice work yet again Felix :D

Danique Everheart

Danique Everheart *writes all these tips down*

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