Blabbering Backstories #2
In this monthly article from the smurf team you can either find advice or a backstory of the month - thanks to our stalking.

- From : Cyprian Greenbaum

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Varon Vamori

Varon Vamori Congrats Jade! Awesome post this is!

Graham Aves

Graham Aves Congrats and a lovely idea! :D

Velisa Grey

Velisa Grey Congrats, Jade! ♥

Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington Wooowww Jade! Nice work girly!

Sera Waycrest

Sera Waycrest Congratulations, Jade! <3

Logan Highthorne

Logan Highthorne Congratulations, Jade! stalkstalkstalk Great article, backstory team!

Jade Mapleweather

Jade Mapleweather Wait what, me? my backstory is constantly a wip as there’s always more to write :p Thankyou for stalking me and choosing to feature me I’m honoured ;) <3

Alexis Valera

Alexis Valera Oooh I like this!!

Dimitri Fantôme

Dimitri Fantôme Ooooh congratulations, Jedi! ;)

Madeleine Mahelona

Madeleine Mahelona Congrats Jade! <3

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