Who Even Are You? - Damon Elderglade
Have you ever wanted the chance to have a sneak peak at our members of staff? Well here's your chance!

- From : Robyn Bloodrose

Damon Elderglade
General Information
Damon Aerion Elderglade
Leader of the Watchers
Marital Status
(He says single on his profile, but I'm rooting for Marty)
Deanna Lightweaver
Species Shadowhunter

ANOTHER WEEK, ANOTHER VICTIM. I mean...another member of staff to learn more about...This week we get to take a closer look at Damon Elderglade; you ready to be under my microscope Damon? *WINKWINK*

For those eagle eyed people, you may have already noticed that Damon is the protector of the Mortal Sword! What an amazing honour, right? It probably helps being a protector of something when you're as protective as Damon! If you remember, last week we looked at Deanna; Damon's parabatai. His protective nature kicked in enough to save her life and then become her parabatai. Where do I find a friend like Damon??? I'm gussing it's not in charity shops?

Damon didn't exactly have an easy start to life, with a family Yin Fen addiction, demon hunting, moving around...and witnessing things no 6year old should never have to. Even a shadowhunter. But look at how well he's turned out! He could have been worse I guess.

Now normally I go diving into their history blah blah, but Damon doesn't really have much gossip for me in his past...but let's look at his future shall we? It can't be just me rooting for all these ships?! First it's Celisa and now...well I'm definitely rooting for Damon and Marty! They'd be one very attractive couple.


Join us next time for a sneaky look at another of our management members!

SoMe love, Sage Bloodrose♡







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Deanna Lightweaver

Deanna Lightweaver #Demon! We just name the best name ever! Awsome blog Sage!

Quinton Ashwood

Quinton Ashwood WAIT MAPLEGLADE THAT'S A SUPER CUTE SHIP NAME???? I'm here for it

Emily Tanner

Emily Tanner #MAPLEGLADE Awesome blog my beaut <3

Ciara Darkshore

Ciara Darkshore great piece!

Melody Angels

Melody Angels my amazing adoption dad

Esmeralda Morningheart

Esmeralda Morningheart Awesome again Sage!!

Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington WHAT A LOVELY BLOG!!!! (secretly roots for marty and damon too)

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