To Be Or Not To Be: Warlocks
And we have another edition of Emeraude's To Be Or Not To Be! Today we get a look at another one of the rare statuses, namely, warlocks!

- From : Tziporah Zima



This week, we will discuss with you the situation particularly warlock! (MAGNUUUUUS, yes, I see you drooling in front of him) They hide many things and as always, there are advantages and disadvantages to becoming the child of a demon of Edom.

But if you were offered the opportunity to become a warlock, would you grasp it? In order to help you with your choice, we offer you some advantages and disadvantages to consider. Open your ears.



1 / You are immortal. As the son or daughter of a demon, you can live hundreds and thousands of years. One day, your body will freeze so that you can keep a certain age, whether you are a child, adult or elderly, whatever. Everything will depend on your demonic parent and the abilities he has left you.

2 / You can know great love. See even several. Thanks to immortality, you will undoubtedly be brought to meet and fall in love to find the man or woman of your life, like our dear Krane Prince.

3 / You can become the Great Wizard (like Vienna Carrington). For that, you will practice your magic relentlessly, developing your abilities to become powerful. And if you are not interested in being a great wizard, you can still become a scholar in the Spiral Labyrinth, the nucleus of research and knowledge in demonic magic.

4 / You own a mark, a demonic attribute. A part of your body looks strange or unique to ordinary mortals while they are simply identified as "supernatural". For Magnus Bane, it was the cat's eyes.

5 / You have magic powers! And that's unique, almost as unique as the Faeries! By the way, you can easily notice the different powers you have during your magic classes with Professor Mateo Carrington, who is really talented! Your magic powers allow you to make potions but also spells that you can invent from scratch.

6 / You can make pacts! So yes, you're not the Devil himself, but is not it fun to be able to offer his services to the mundanes in exchange for something?

7 / You are bilingual. To cast your spells, you speak a unique language that belongs to you as a wizard, it's called the "Chthonian". In addition to knowing a language, you have the time and the leisure to be able to learn the millions of languages ​​on Earth and nothing better than to spend your boredom as well.

The Inconvenience


1 / You are immortal. Immortality prevents you from having lasting relationships with humans or any other species that may die prematurely. To live life alone is sad, is not it?

2 / You have demon blood in you. You are fatally destined to go to Edom when you die, and no one wants to stay there for long, oh no.

3 / You can lose your powers. There is nothing worse for a wizard than losing his powers, especially since you can not recover them with a snap. Another of your fellow wizards can do without you but like an organ transplant, you can make a rejection. And it is not beautiful to see (especially that fatally, it ends with death).

4 / You can die. When life bores you or you stop perceiving that many years are still waiting for you, you can petrify yourself and die. It's also possible to have phases where you go crazy and that's not good either, it's not pleasant to see.

5 / You can't have children (Sad news for Athena Archer). Impossible for a sorcerer to give birth. What adds a little more to your loneliness, without love, without means of procreation, it is much easier to fall into boredom and to petrify.

6 / You can be, in fact, an "Ifrits". To be born without magical power while one is a wizard should not be easy, almost as much as being a Nephilim AND a wizard at the same time as Isaac Ellsington.

And you? Do you prefer to be or not to be a vampire? Will become a wizard like Vienna Carrington, Athena Archer, Mateo Carrington, Isaac Ellsington and Krane Prince?

By the Angel Raziel, we love you!

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Alissa Black

Alissa Black I love this blog!

Deanna Lightweaver

Deanna Lightweaver Why is being immortal a bad thing? Yeah you see peiple age, but you can die if you really want to...

Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington Nice work Eme!

Ash Fang

Ash Fang I’d be a vampire

Milo Embleton

Milo Embleton Oooh this blog is amazing :D

Ciara Darkshore

Ciara Darkshore Awesome!

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