To Be Or Not To Be: Werewolves
In this new edition of To Be Or Not To Be, our Emeraude explores the life and hardships of the species known as... Werewolves!

- From : Tziporah Zima



When we talk about werewolves, you'll all think about Luke (and if you had thought of Jacob you are in the bad novel!). Yes, Luke Garroway, this man who was like a father to Clary who lived a lot of misery. Personally, I think of Maïa and the immense courage of this wolf who shows us the strength of the species.

And you, if you were offered the opportunity to become a werewolf, would you grasp it? In order to help you in your choice, we offer you some advantages and disadvantages to consider. Open your ears.



1 / You look like a stuffed toy. You can live in a world of teddy bears for once and everyone will want to give you lots of cuddles because you are a very sweet creature.

2 / You have a great presence. You may not be a great hero but you naturally impose it. Take the example of Cyrus DeSilva. We KNOW we must not bother him and it is his dominating wolf aura that tells us!

3 / You have super powers. A super strength, great hearing, super speed, the ability to regenerate yourself (except against money) and you can compete with any obscure creature. Your teeth and claws are able to get through many materials including various types of metal.

4 / You can transform at will. So yes, the night of the full moon, it is better to avoid you but the rest of the time also if you think about it because it is enough that you are annoyed a little bit and you can transform. But it is still very useful when one is in danger and it is not Jennifer Ainsley who will say the opposite!

5 / You can be a member of Praetor Lupus. If you do not want to belong to a pack but find yourself alone and / or in danger, the Praetor Lupus will welcome you.

6 / You can to live a wonderful life as a human. Have a job as policeman, lawyer, salesman, cook ... Start a family, have children. See them grow up, argue, get sick, just live.


The inconvenience


1/ You might smell like wet dog. When it rains, the smell is foul and despite all the perfumes, soaps, oils you use, the smell of wet dog will not disappear easily.

2/ Silver is the biggest weakness for werewolves. The angelic fire from a seraph blade is able to permanently wound or kill them as is any weapon created with pure silver. Any wound inflicted with silver will not only be unaffected by their enhanced healing but will also cause great pain to them.

3 / You are infected with demonic magic. It is kinda like vampires but instead of being dependent on the sun, it depends on the moon , just a bit more glamorous.

4 / You cannot have a date on a full moon. Like Madeleine Mahelona, ​​you will have to endure the fact of not being able to see your husband (Cole Mahelona, ​​here) on the night of the full moon. No more romantic  moonlit evenings but you can still do that another night!

5 / You don't like loneliness. You need a pack to live, to protect yourself and to feel whole. This pack can take different forms like those of several friends (Nola Vale will confirm it) but also of the family who aren't necessarily wolves. To be stronger, you need a pack, a goal to protect.

6 / You are mortal. You can die from natural causes such as old age.


And you? Do you prefer to be or not to be a werewolf? Would you be willing to side with Cole Mahelona ; Cyrus DeSilva ; Nola Vale ; Jennifer Ainsley?

By the Angel Raziel, we love you!

Member of SoMe Team

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Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington Ahhhh i love this! Well done again Eme! Maybe I am a werewolf after all?

Madeleine Mahelona

Madeleine Mahelona Such a great post! <3

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