Jobs, jobs, jobs!
An explanation about what all the different on WoN are about!

- From : Sarah Jaymes



Jobs, jobs, jobs!

In order to keep this website running, there are different jobs for people to take on. Whether you like to write articles to keep everybody entertained, or make sure people are acting according to the rules, you can do it all! Listed below are the student jobs available for you to take on!


Assistant Mentor
Nearly all of the mentors need a helping hand to assist them getting all the grades fixed. We're talking about not graded homework, that's been waiting to be graded for over 7 days. Also homework that's received varying grades will end up for you to be looked at, as well as homework with complaints about the grading. It's your job to get this all fixed by reading the homework and judging who was right and who was wrong. Also, you give a final grade. Make sure you know all of the rules regarding grading before you decide to apply for this job!


A watcher is a person who keeps an eye on the topics, and is there to help people live by the rules and guidelines. Every watcher will get their own area to watch in the topics. Also, you get to be part of a fun, interactive team with people from all other institutes! If you're interested in joining the Watchers, make sure to contact Damon Elderglade! Before you decide to apply to this job, make sure you know all of the rules and guidelines in order to be able to do your job properly!


Plot Team
World of Nephilim would not be the same without the fun, interactive plots and games from the Plot Team! This group of people are responsible for having activities during Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter etc. Have you always had fun organizing happenings, trying to get everybody together, and enjoy yourself while doing so? Then you should apply for the Plot Team. Please send an application to Ember Silver!


Here at World of Nephilim, we have two newspapers! Shadowhunter News and Nephilim Times are here to keep you updated about everything happening around us, and in the Shadowhunter world! But, in order for the newspapers to be able to report on anything, they do need journalists to report! Have you got a creative mind, a keen eye, and superhuman ears? Then this is the job for you! Let everybody know how creative and resourceful you are by writing articles for one of the two journalists! In order to apply, send an application to either Cole Mahelona (The Nephilim Times) or Thor Nightshade (Shadowhunter News)!


Social Media Team
The Social Media Team have a rather important job, and it's the only job that matters outside of this website as well. We're talking about promoting WoN on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Tumblr! You get to think of fun competitions, ways to promote our website, encouraging people to join us, and create one of these really fun jobs! If you are interested in joining the best team, please send a message to Sarah Jaymes!


Are you one of those people that just can't be kicked out of a library? One who always carries around a book? Then we think we've found the perfect job for you! As a Librarian, you are responsible for.. the library! This means you get to write books, make them look pretty, and make sure they stay pretty too! If you are interested in being one of the book people, make sure to send an application to Madeleine Rosewell!


Are you skilled at making pictures on your laptop? Or can you write some really inspiring texts to introduce items? Or even better, do you have both of these skills? Then join the illustrators! They are responsible for all the beautiful images you see around the website, including those in the stores, and even your dollars were drawn by them! Do you think you can do this too? Then send a Fire Message to Vienna Carrington!


Backstory Team
Everybody on World of Nephilim is asked to write a backstory of at least 50 characters for their character. This is to give your character a story, and so people know why he or she acts a certain way, or what he/she has been through. The backstory team is here to make sure everybody writes a backstory, and if there's an appropriate name, they fix that too. It's a really fun, administrative job that must be well organized. Are you an organized person, or do you like to stalk people? Then apply for this team by sending a message to Nara Lee!


We hope this blog has helped you out deciding what job suits you the best. Choose wisely, young padawan.

The SoMe-Team ♥

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Deanna Lightweaver

Deanna Lightweaver Oh, this is amazing! Sarah, well done!

Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington Loved this blog post!!

Madeleine Mahelona

Madeleine Mahelona Great post! Get applying! ♡

Danique Everheart

Danique Everheart Great blog post! ♡

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