Who Even Are You? - Marty Mapleweather
In this Blog Series, 'Who even are you?' will allow you to get to know the Graduated Staff a bit better!

- From : Robyn Bloodrose

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Celaena Fireheart

Celaena Fireheart Oi. I have no idea of which shenanigens you are refering! I am an angel thank you very much! also Marty is adorable <3

Cassandra Ashwright

Cassandra Ashwright Marty Mapleweather <3

Marty Mapleweather

Marty Mapleweather This looks so great! I feel honoured that you digged around in my past! :)

Varon Vamori

Varon Vamori I so love the set out of these ♥

Avalanche Agnew

Avalanche Agnew Martyyyyyy :D the great HOI :D

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