Who Even Are You? - Marty Mapleweather
In this Blog Series, 'Who even are you?' will allow you to get to know the Graduated Staff a bit better!

- From : Robyn Bloodrose

Marty Mapleweather
General Information
Marty Alexander Mapleweather
Head of Institute - Morgenstern
Marital Status
Stele Arm
Hello, hello, once again it's time to lock our beady eyes onto someone. And our latest victim subject is none other than the Head of Morgenstern Institute: Marty Mapleweather! So let's wriggle on in and have a little look shall we?

Marty seems like a pretty cool guy, friendly, generous, extremely determined...but not as much humour as I'd like...that's concerning...let's hope he finds me digging around and making comments funny ey? Looking at his fighting statistics, he also seems like the guy you want on your side in a fight, or at least watching from a distance with his bow. I'd happily let him watch my back...that is until he finds out I'm half faerie and remembers he doesn't like faeries. Seems pretty great so far...let's go a little deeper.

Moving onto the parents - his mother Janice was from the Fairchild institute and his father John was from the Lightwood institute. Though they bothed passed reasonably young they both led interesting lives. Janice being an incredible shadowhunter and John...well John was a part of the Circle. Marty didn't know him long enough for this to shape any of his own opinions, unless he's just way too good at hiding his circular ways...

Well, consider me disappointed, I found no gossip at all! Maybe it is just Celaena and Vienna with all the shenanigans in their past.

As a small sidenote:
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I look forward to hearing from you♡

SoMe love, Sage Bloodrose♡
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Celaena Fireheart

Celaena Fireheart Oi. I have no idea of which shenanigens you are refering! I am an angel thank you very much! also Marty is adorable <3

Cassandra Ashwright

Cassandra Ashwright Marty Mapleweather <3

Marty Mapleweather

Marty Mapleweather This looks so great! I feel honoured that you digged around in my past! :)

Varon Vamori

Varon Vamori I so love the set out of these ♥

Avalanche Agnew

Avalanche Agnew Martyyyyyy :D the great HOI :D

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