The Ultimate Guide to: Decursio Equestris
DE is a big part of WoN and can be quite addictive, but, a competition is a competition, and winning is great. So here is the ultimate guide to DE.

- From : Vienna Carrington


DE is a game we play on WoN every once in a while - and I hear that your institutes are seeking players - but we all know that winning is better than losing, and being prepared is always a big bonus and advantage! This is the ultimate guide to the game!

Multiple tabs.

It is not forbidden in DE to use the internet as a source. It’s highly recommended that you use the split view on your computer - have the game on one screen and have google on the other screen. It’s always also a good idea to type in “Shadowhunters" or "The Mortal Instruments” before so you just have to write down the question, and not write shadowhunter and/or the mortal instruments from the bottom.

Minimize the sentence.
Do not write the whole question in your search bar. It is a bad idea since google will look for the words and not the sentence; by that means, if you wrote how tall is clary in the search bar you would come to Clary’s biosheet and so on. A better example of that could be Clary height, and that should get you the result pretty fast.

10 points, is still 10 points.
This is more a reminder than a tip, but please remember that if you get a question that only you can answer, (5 seconds or 10 seconds) and you don’t make it in time, do not beat yourself up = 10 points is still 10 points.

Teamwork makes the dream work!
Always be a nice teammate! Say: "Good job!" If they get a correct answer, or in the second part of the match keep cheering your teammates up. With compliments on their work, they’ll most likely do better.

And that should be it! If you want to join the game of DE you should Fire Message whoever is responsible! Meaning your Head of the Institute!

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Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington This is an amazing read Felix! Well done :D

Deanna Lightweaver

Deanna Lightweaver Oh, this is such a great guide! And yes, we are all a team! We don't criticise if you gave a wrong answer. We're all in this together and playing DE because it's fun!

Cole Mahelona

Cole Mahelona Yes! DE! The entertaining bane of my existence! Go try out and join your Institute team! I look forward to the matches

Avalon Deahmon

Avalon Deahmon I can't wait! What a great guide... I just wish DE was fight to the death... so much more fun... anyway, go join in guys!

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