Who Even Are You? - Elisa Raudell
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- From : Robyn Bloodrose

Elisa Raudell
General Information
Elisa Naomi Raudell
Head of Institute - Herondale
Marital Status
Species Shadowhunter
Stele Arm
Small flower on her neck

Aloha and welcome back to Who even are you? My next victim is none other than our Head of Herondale Institute, Elisa Raudell! The less scary half of Celisa So let's jump right in!

Elisa was born in London and lived happily with both parents for a number of years. Unfortunately, her father went on a mission the same year Elisa was invited to study at the Shadowhunter Academy. Of course she met some pretty great friends and finally felt like she belonged somewhere. Upon her graduation she started going on many missions, although they didn't always go to plan. Fortunately, Elisa has recently found her father! GOSSIP FINALLY, I KNOW.

As some of you may remember, Elisa didn't start off her journey working in the institute as the Head of Herondale! Elisa first started as a mentor for 'The Mundane World'. After a while in the mentor position, she was offered her promotion. I have to admit, she's been a pretty great Head of Institute! Offering everyone 'Choice of Elisa' was just a perk

All in all, Elisa seems a pretty great person. Always seeing the good in people and a positive little bean. Even if she is stubborn, aren't all the best people?

Join me next time when we'll be taking a look into our final Head of Institute; Deanna Lightweaver!

SoMe love, Sage Bloodrose♡










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Lilliyan Valaeri

Lilliyan Valaeri Great aricle! :D

Iris Mecantra

Iris Mecantra Nice

Avalanche Agnew

Avalanche Agnew Great article!! I loved it!!

Héctor Wong

Héctor Wong ooohh, I loved reading this! :D

Ciara Darkshore

Ciara Darkshore Choice of Elisa!! Alpacelisaaa

Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington It is so nice to learn more about the staff!! Well done Sage <3

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