Merge The Worlds - Warehouse 13
Demons and artifacts, seraph blades and Tesla grenades. What happens when half angels and mystical historical juju get mixed together? You get this... whatever it is. A world of Shadowhunters and Warehouse 13!

- From : Tziporah Zima


 It's time to go again! Last time around we combined two magical worlds, comparing Shadowhunters and Harry Potter. Well today, we delve into the world of Sci-Fi and see if we can make a new world out of Shadowhunters and the underrated but still fairly known Sci-Fi series, Warehouse 13.


So let's start off by comparing the two main factors behind each fandom. In Shadowhunters we are all about the nephilim individuals being trained up to protect the mundane world from demons. In Warehouse 13 we have regular humans, specifically government agents, defending the world from dangerous artifacts and storing them. Are we seeing some similarities here? Protecting mundanes (regular everyday joes) from something dangerous. Things that can potentially end the world. Seems like we've got enough common ground here already. I smell a new site in the making!


Oh it's all seriousness in this article! So what would be the main integration of Shadowhunters and Warehouse 13? Simple as this, the Shadowhunters are just given one extra duty to add to their job description. Protect mundanes, fight demons, protect each other AND capture dangerous artifacts. Can you imagine Jace fighting off a demon while wearing Timothy Leary's glasses and the demon was fighting back with Excalibur?! Madness! And imagine Clary trying to work her way around a Tesla. I will say though, I would totally ship James MacPherson with Magnus Bane. The battle of wits there would be world ending!

So how would we integrate this into World of Nephilim then? I figure it would still be the same. We already have our mundane history subject. All we would need is a subject for all our Warehouse agent gadgets and trinkets in Shadowhunter 101 of course and a few extras added to the stores like our trusty teslas and purple goo to contain those artifacts that really cause a fuss.

So, for all you SyFy fans on the site, what do you reckon? Would Warehouse 13: The Mortal Instruments become a big hit or would it plummet to unpopularity? Let us know in the comments and we will do some more fantasy fandom shipping next week!


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Milo Embleton

Milo Embleton This is really cool! Great job :D

Thor Nightshade

Thor Nightshade Oh my! This is amazing! Love the blog post! Great work Tzi!

Esmeralda Morningheart

Esmeralda Morningheart Omg! This would be perfect!! I can see it now!! ❤️❤️

Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington Ohhh!! This is absolutely wonderful Tzi! Omg Magnus and James yes slayyyyyy! I love this ao so much aaaaaah! I can’t wait to see what’s nexr ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ciara Darkshore

Ciara Darkshore Love this!

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