15 Signs That You're a Shadowhunter
Another fun and funky blog from three SoMe team which explores your inner half angel. Are you a shadowhunter? See these points and find out!

- From : Tziporah Zima

1. For starters, you're not a human. You are half angel and you can see things regular people can't - mainly all the scary/evil stuff in the world.

2. These are your Bibles and she is your God(dess).

3. Your parents want you to go to the local university, but you're going to start hunting demons.

4. You have a religious relic which actually has magical powers. YOU WILL GUARD IT WITH YOUR LIFE.

5. You are coming home to a demon terrorizing your house: TOTES NORMAL.

6. Your wardrobe consists of primarily black and leather.

7. You're always prepared with any and every weapon imaginable.

8. And naturally, one of those weapons is your best friend.

9. Runes mean something to you.

10.You've spent hours memorizing the seemingly endless list of each rune. You draw them yourself for practice so that you're an expert when you need to draw them for real.

11. You're totally used to vampires and werewolves busting into every party.

12. You're either totally head over heels in love with a bad boy shadowhunter or you can't resist the charm of your mundane BFF OR you're caught in a love triangle with both.

13. You're also LGBT friendly.

14. You are 100% loyal. You scoff in the face of danger and you are completely and fiercely independent. AND DAMN PROUD OF IT.

15. But you absolutely have friends who will fight by your side until the very end.

So, are you part of the Nephilim team? Are you ready to take to the streets to deal with demons? (Because, yes, demons are not going to kill themselves.)

By the Angel Raziel, we love you!

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Alissa Black

Alissa Black Love this blog =)

Rin Fireburn

Rin Fireburn YEET definitely a shadow baby! Nice post!

Lucian Blackfyre

Lucian Blackfyre Love the post xD niceee

Selene Cavalieri

Selene Cavalieri Woah wonderful blog post! I may be a Shadowhunter... :P

Vercales Morgenstern

Vercales Morgenstern I love this blog and you are a true shadowhunter my friend.I am also one and will do anything to protect my friends and the human race from them demons of the world

Milo Embleton

Milo Embleton I absolutely love this blog! I might just be a shadowhunter too :P

Emeraude Rosenback

Emeraude Rosenback Vie, you would hide your true nature... :o

Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington EME!!! This blog is so flipping amazing!! I totally am a shad- oh wait..

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