To Be Or Not To Be: Praetor Lupus
Today we dive into another To Be Or Not To Be, hosted by Eme Rosenback! Last time we talked Werewolves and the badassery of life as one and it's issues. Today, we dive deeper into werewolf living and discuss the pros and cons of the Praetor Lupus!

- From : Tziporah Zima



Last week, we proposed to you, the idea to become a werewolf and, if the idea attracted you, then our question is: to be or not to be a member of Praetor Lupus? Today we will offer you the advantages and inconveniences to join their ranks.



1 / You are part of a pack. Certainly, not in the primary sense of the word, but you are a group, an alliance of werewolves whose name literally translates to "Guardians of Wolves" in Latin.

2 / You become a guardian. Your miserable life as a loner ends here and you will locate the new Downworlders, whoever they are (newly transformed werewolves, beginner vampires, and Warlocks, newcomers to the shadows world), and act as a guardian, finding them a group or a clan.

3 / Black dresses you up for nothing. Praetorians can be identified by their black regulation uniform.

4 / You become Iron Man. You are a protector, and all pack members you know rely on you. 

5 / You are a trustworthy person. If you become a Praetor, it's because you have good values that have shown your altruistic character. You will defend the cause with all your heart.

The inconvenience


1 / You are a basic loner. If the pack approaches you, it's especially for that. You will have nowhere to go and they offer you home.

2 / They have been hunted down for extermination. Yes, you may look cool on paper but in fact, safety is uncertain! Sebastian Morgenstern tried to exterminate them and almost succeed so, clan or no clan, you are not safe from danger.

3 / You can have tricky missions. Protect at daytime? Yes, why not, but when missions attract annoyances like a magnet, it's immediately much less funny.

4 / You cannot desert. You devote your life to the cause and for that, you put your personal life back. You must always defend the persons you have under your wing.


And you? Do you prefer to be or not to be a member of Praetor Lupus?

By the Angel Raziel, we love you!

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Alexis Valera

Alexis Valera Oooh. A difficult choice indeed ;)

Velisa Grey

Velisa Grey This is awesome!! ^^

Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington Aawwwww! Such an amazing read yet again! Wellll done ❤️

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