World of Nephilim: Where it all started
Did you wonder how this site came together? And what the two most powerful women think of that? Read all about it

- From : Sarah Jaymes

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Luca Beaumont

Luca Beaumont You guys are doing an amazing job! You've done so wonderfully with the site <3

Alexis Blackfyre

Alexis Blackfyre This recap is so nice! You have done an amazing job both Celaena and Vienna! I love working with you guys and I just know you can keep running this site! Love you both! ^-^

Owen Pearce

Owen Pearce Aaaah this is amazing! <3 It must be so great to see the site running like it does.

Avalanche Agnew

Avalanche Agnew Great and fun aricle! Vie and Cel are such lovely persons! :)

Deanna Lightweaver

Deanna Lightweaver Ahhhh! Great article Sarah! And Leana, V! The two of you can be so proud!

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