Captivating Classes | The Arts
We back again peeps with another peep show (see what I did there?) on the WoN subjects! Fancy yourself a painter? Sketcher? All round artist? Then the Arts is the class for you and Evalina is gonna tell you why!

- From : Malik Zima

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Elladora Standwall

Elladora Standwall Sounds very interesting :D

Valerian Waerheall

Valerian Waerheall I love this so much! Makes me want to take the arts all over again :o and fsjvkdv yes, literature is art too :D so happy to see that! Great article, Evelina!

Sera Waycrest

Sera Waycrest Yessss come join the class! Also, thanks Logan ♥ Great article!

Logan Highthorne

Logan Highthorne Great edition! And such an exciting class taught by a great mentor ;)

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