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What's the news? Who knows whats up? Is there some gossip? These questions are all answered in Alicante And Beyond where we look at everything that is going on in our lovely site, from IG news to updates and from topics to assignments. Alicante And Beyond has eyes and ears everywhere and nobody is safe. So let's see what's new!

- From : Tziporah Zima


 Tooo Alicante... AND BEYOND! Welcome one and all to the newest blog from me, Tziporah! In this blog I will show off different happenings on the site including new stuff happening, a highlight of one of our classes, a user to display as the face of the post,and much more! Though this could change with what's new in the site. SO! Let's see what's going on in World of Nephilim, starting our post will be our highlighted user of the week, the sassy pie, the big greenie Vie!


First off, in IG news, Cole and Madie have given birth to twins!! That is, Madie did. Cole didn't. So lets send our congrats to the birth of the beautiful baby girls, Kaiya and Faye Mahelona!

The past two weeks have seen plenty of changes on the site and changes in the staff so lets send some congrats to our new staff roster:

Tziporah Zima - Leader of Social Media
Tobias Grey - Leader of Plots
Ember Silver - Mentor of Astronomy
Elison Vamori - Mentor of Music
Milo Embleton - Mentor of Geography
Kailani Ryder - Mentor of the Arts

Also, as a side note, we now have a fancy schmancy new feature for VIP! Now, even though VIP subscriptions are gone, it is now entirely possible to (yes, you aren't imagining it) gift VIP! Going to a persons profile and clicking the new green button will allow you to gift them 30 days of VIP! So go ahead and try it out if you wanna do something special for that close friend who set you up with a buttload of frog cards on WoP that one time.


And now for our classes! Today's highlighted class is our brilliant Runes class! So what is to be expected in studying runes? Let's see!

The runes class starts in Year 1 and runs through for the whole seven years until grafuation. For a quick course overview, Runes first year covers the basics of Runes. Voyance runes, their uses and basic rune knowledge. Next year is more basics, covering a wider variety of runes and what they do. Year 3 looks at runes for battle, offensive and defensive runes and how to use them. Then to Year 4 where we study permanence and traditions, how runes are used in Shadowhunter ceremonies. Year 5, looks things we don't have great amounts of knowledge on, like the Mark of Cain. Then year 6 will focus on elemental shields. After that, there's Year 7 which is coming soon! Remember, we still need a mentor for Runes so head to the NB to apply!

For this week's highlighted topic area, the forest is known to be dense and unmarked by trails. Apparently, the woods used to be much larger, enough to cover majority of the lowland of the country before most of it was cut down to make way for the city, as well as to clear out the wolf packs and vampire nests. Several Downworlders have been known to hide out in the area for generations, particularly housing werewolf packs and vampire clans.

Over the years, the forest has also been used as a training ground, a venue for missions of Shadowhunters in training, particularly those attending the Shadowhunter Academy.


The Mundane World - Pokemon!:

A Look Into The Past - Tziporah Zima:

The End Of Year Winners!:

Staff Book:


And that is all in Alicante And Beyond! Did you enjoy the updates? Was there anything we missed that you felt should be here. All users are always welcome to submit topic areas to be talked about, IG news to send me, a class to talk about or literally anything on the site that's new and fresh that deserves a spot in this article!


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Milo Embleton

Milo Embleton Wonderful blog! :D

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Thor Nightshade Amazing post! Thank you for the mention!

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Ciara Darkshore Great post :o thank you for the archives mention <3

Elison Vamori

Elison Vamori oooh awesome! Congrats everyone <3

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