Who even are you? - Celaena Fireheart
In who even are you, you'll get to know all of the management staff!

- From : Sarah Jaymes

Celaena Fireheart
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Celaena Lynn Fireheart
Consul of the Clave
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Who even are you? Welcome to a new series of posts, 'Who even are you?'. Now, some of you may have noticed on the World of Nephilim Instagram page that a series of posts started about staff members, introducing them etc. So, I thought why not go into a little more detail on our blog? I mean, we all want to know a little more about these beautiful chaotic staff members...right? If you said no, you are wrong, shoosh.

So, here goes! We're starting this week with our delightful and slightly terrifying Consul, Celaena Fireheart! On the outside she may seem fiery, her surname is incredibly apt...almost like it was...planned... However, Celaena is probably one of the nicest and most loyal people you could ever hope to come across, and who better to be the Consul to the Clave?! Though bribery with booze may be required on her bad days...

Now, you may all assume that to be the Consul, Celaena is and has always been a complete angel...WRONGO. Celaena knows the law better than anyone...because...well...she's tussled with it a fair few times. And her life has been far from easy, being the only Fireheart remaining! Sounds a pretty badass and relatable Consul to me. She has battled for equality of Downworlder's, Shadowhunter's and all in between (including my half faerie self), who else would have allowed people with even a fraction of Downworld blood into the institute, let alone to teach the future Shadowhunter's?!

After a brief intro to Celaena, make sure you check in next time for 'Who even are you?' with our delightful Inquisitor; Vienna Carrington!

SoMe love, Sage Bloodrose♡
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Luca Beaumont

Luca Beaumont Awesome blog post!

Deanna Lightweaver

Deanna Lightweaver Ahhh, this is great! I'm looking forward to read more in this blog!

Francisco Delgado

Francisco Delgado aah very nice and interesting to know more about Celaena :)

Lilliyan Valaeri

Lilliyan Valaeri Nice Blog!!! <3

Avalanche Agnew

Avalanche Agnew Nice new article <3 can't wait until the next one!<3

Varon Vamori

Varon Vamori Oh cool. This was awesome, these are gonna be super fun to read :D

Emily Tanner

Emily Tanner Ooooooo nice blog ;)

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