Roleplay help
A brand new blog is revealing itself, this time, giving tips about how to make a character personality.

- From : Barnesul Sandelnu

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Elodie Beaufort

Elodie Beaufort This is wonderful! It takes dedication to create a character you can truly resonate with, but anyone can do it with a little bit of thought!

Valerian Waerheall

Valerian Waerheall This blog is really an amazing idea! Especially for beginners who are new to the roleplay world :D Really looking forward to the next one, keep it up!! :D<3 These were amazing tips :3

Ciara Darkshore

Ciara Darkshore such great advice for developing a character! Fears, Flaws, Likes and Dislikes to bring out the personality!

Luca Beaumont

Luca Beaumont Awesome article, and very good points! Flaws and depth in interactions are very important in creating a well-rounded character - balance is key. Love the work SoMe! ♡

Cole Mahelona

Cole Mahelona Oh! Very helpful indeed!

Vienna Carrington

Vienna Carrington What a wonderful blog! Awesome tipssss!

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